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Apple Watches

Watch closely. These Apple watches might look the same but they’re not! Jackson talks us through the series 3, SE and series 6 models in this weeks Tech Tip.

Hey, watch closely. These Apple Watches, they might look the same, but they’re not! There are a few different models and it can be really confusing if you’re not sure which one you’re looking at. You can see here we’ve got different sizes, different generations, different colours, all that kind of stuff. Today I’m going to talk to you a little bit about different models and what’s really right for what you need.

With the Apple Watch there’s currently three models. You got series 3, SE, and series 6. Now the series 3 is an older generation watch. It’s great for children and stuff like that if you don’t want a really expensive watch to wear. But it doesn’t really have all the features of the newer SE and series 6.

SE has all the features of the series 3, it’s a bigger screen, a thinner design, all those kind of things. Tell the time, heart rate monitor, can track all your exercises, all that great stuff too.

Now the series 6 is the same as that, but it’s got the key feature of having an always on display. You can see with my watch here, the screen is always on, it doesn’t go off, which basically allows me to be able to look at the time whenever I want without having to go like this and bring up my wrist, and in some situations, that’s probably not applicable. But you do have that option to.

They’re the main models. There are a few deeper options, different sizes and that kind of stuff, but you can always come in store and have a chat to us if you have any questions. That’s the basics of an Apple Watch.

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