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How can I manage my emails?

Priority No. 1 – Syncing your Emails

This question could take a very long time to answer, so I am going to explain what we think is the first, most important part of getting on top of email – syncing your email across all your devices.

By this we mean that if you create a folder in your email account on your phone, that folder will be created in the same spot on your computer’s email application and your tablet. You read an email and it is marked as read across all devices, delete an email, move an email, etc – once you do it on one device it happens across everything you have email setup on.

Some people don’t do this because they don’t know they can and some think it might be too expensive or difficult to set up and manage. This is not the case.

To keep your email managed consistently across all devices, the key is having the right type of email server and there are many ways to achieve this. If you want a free option, and don’t need to have a registered domain name (such as, we suggest you stick with either Apple’s iCloud if you an almost 100% Apple environment or Google’s Gmail.

Business emails

If you have a business then we highly recommend having a registered domain name such as so that you start to build your brand with every email you send. In this situation we would recommend using Google’s G Suite or Microsoft’s O365. Pricing starts at $60 per mailbox per annum, but it’s a great investment for your business.

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