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Google G Suite – Is pretty damn sweet!

You need this – really you do!

Well maybe not everyone, but I would say every professional and every small, medium and large business along with many home users.

What is this must-have you ask?

Google G Suite – previously known as Google Docs or Google for Work.

Why is it a must-have?

It makes using computers to get many of your work tasks done so much easier than the alternative. The applications that make up G Suite are for the most part the typical ones:

  • Calendar – Docs (word processor and page layout)
  • Email – Sheets (spreadsheets)
  • Contacts – Slides (slide presentations)
  • Drive (like Dropbox) – Forms (create questionnaires & forms)
  • Sites (create websites and intranets) – Hangouts (chat and video conferencing)

The difference is that you can use these applications from any browser on whatever device you have, wherever you are. You don’t need to worry about having copies of files anywhere, and unlike Dropbox you will never get sync conflicts if you leave a file open on another device.

Want to collaborate on a project? Using Sheets and Docs makes it easier than most other tools we have ever used. Best of all you can work on these files with customers, suppliers, external consultants as well as other people on your team.

Best yet, there is a free version. If you are a professional or a business, we strongly recommend getting the paid version with 30Gb of online storage for $60 per annum. This is cheaper than Dropbox and gives you so much more than Dropbox.

Do yourself a favour, register a free account today and start seeing how much easier you can get things done with the people you work with.

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