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How to Change Your Wallpaper in MacOS

Tired of the same old wallaper on your macOS? Jackson shows us how to choose from a gallery or upload our own in this weeks Tech Tip.

Are you sick of the same boring old wallpaper on your computer? Well, today I’m going to show you how you can change that. So this particular example is on a Mac.

What you want to do is right click on your screen. There’s a little option here that says change desktop background. So you click on that. That’ll open up system preferences automatically in the desktop and screensaver section. And from here, you can see the computer itself comes preloaded with a heap of different wallpapers. So you’ve got your standard Catalina wallpaper here. You’ve got some older versions from older versions of macOS. High Sierra, we’ve also got some really lovely pictures of flowers and those kinds of things here too. So really, the possibility is endless. You can also add your own custom pictures to that if you want to have a more personal touch to your computer.

If you have any questions or want to have a hand with anything like that, just come and see us here at the 3C Tech Shop.

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