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Share your location easily to help someone find you!

iphone tips & tricks: location sharing

Imaging your waiting at a new restaurant and your friends can’t find it? Or you have moved and your family is coming to visit. Location sharing is such a time saver especially when you’re travelling or somewhere new.

Being able to easily locate where the people we care about can help reassure ourselves that they are OK or allow us to help them in some situations. An iPhone is all you need to share your location and let your loved ones know where you are.

Simply select the person in Contacts you want to share your location with, scroll to the bottom of their contact information and select “share my location”.
You can choose from 3 options depending on what you prefer. They need to accept the invitation, and then they can see where you are for the allocated time you have allowed.

We are in world where most people are really sensitive to privacy so it is not a feature for everyone. Some people will never want to use it, but it might just be the answer for you. On more than one occasion my wife couldn’t easily describe where she was but wanted my help on how to get to another place – this allowed me to do this without jeopardising my marriage!

– JS.

Photo Credit: Yanidel

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