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Why should I buy a Mac?

Why a Mac?

Mac computers are more expensive than many (but not all) of their PC competitors, so why should you pay more for one? It will depend on what you use a computer for and what features are important to you.

They just work!

Everyone at 3C Tech Shop uses a Mac at work and some of us use a Mac personally, including our partners at home. The main benefit to us are that they “just work”. I know, this is a typical cliche, but the statement really does say it all. We open our Macbook’s and they are ready to use immediately without any hassles, we open the Photos application and all our photos are there, even the ones we took on our phone 30 minutes ago – it’s what we want from any computer we use, every time we use it.

Features we like

Other things that we find really great are the keyboards and trackpads – we personally think they are the best to use so when you use them virtually every day and many nights, it’s great to be using what we feel is the best, and not something that frustrates you with every keystroke.

The other thing we really like is the Apple “ecosystem”. This benefit varies from person to person, but I certainly love it. My email, calendar, notes, photos, contacts, reminders and even passwords  sync between my iMac at work, my Macbook that I take everywhere, my iPad and my iPhone. Doesn’t matter where I am or what I am doing, I will have at least one device and I know I have access to whatever I need because of the way it all stays in sync. You can do most of this with other platforms, but I have found that it isn’t as smooth or hassle free as Apple’s.

We can make other systems work but even as an engineer, we highly respect well designed and engineered solutions and a Mac achieves this more than most.

James | 3C Tech Shop

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