Protect & Serve -

Every computer needs Protect and Serve.

Whether you use your computer at home or in the office, there are all kinds of nasties hanging around that could cause your computer to fail.

Start your defence today.

The Protect & Serve armoury will identify and eliminate potential threats before they damage your computer.




What is Protect and Serve?

Protect & Serve is a unique suite of tools that guards your computer from dangers, monitors your system for potential issues and ensures it is running at its best.

Why do I need Protect & Serve

Websites, emails and shared documents carrying viruses and other bugs can cause your computer to fail, freeze or slow. Protect & Serve can shelter you from these threats.

Many people mistakenly believe that if they’ve got an antivirus they’re covered. But antivirus is just one component of security. Your system also needs protection against malicious software, which can be unintentionally downloaded as part of a
scam or embedded in free software.

How does Protect & Serve work?

Protect & Serve uses an enterprise grade application that ensures you have best-in-class protection. Combined with continuous monitoring, Protect & Serve continues to evolve as the threat environment changes, by using the best applications currently available.

Start your defence today.



Protect & Serve guards your computer from potential threats. It identifies various viruses and malware and eliminates these potential threats before they damage your computer.

* subject to availability of parts required.



Protect & Serve also monitors the performance of your computer and performs tasks to ensure it operates in tip-top shape. No more unexpected glitches, no more freezing computer.

^ if the issue is resolvable.


Simple to use

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll download the Protect & Serve app on to your computer. It will run in the background automatically without you doing anything more. It’s that simple.


Our experts

Our team of expert technicians, run scheduled scans, updates and maintenance remotely from our office. If we detect any problems, we’ll let you know.

Protect & Serve -
Protect & Serve -

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This meeting can be to discuss the specific requirements for your business. If you have fees from current providers, you are welcome to bring them in for an accurate audit.

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Nobody can guarantee complete protection from every internet security threat, including 3C Tech Shop. However, by utlilising Protect & Serve, this risk is minimised.

Start your defence today.