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Your work is professional, so your email should be too.

No more Bigpond or Gmail accounts necessary. With 3C TotalMail we’ll set you up with your own domain so that your business is presented in the most professional way.

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Change the way you email today.




Total Professional

Look professional with every email by using a registered domain name* for your emails. 

You can now have, instead of or

*included domain is All other domains are priced on application.

Total Setup

Switching from your current email provider to TotalMail is easy.

We take the hassle out of the process and can have you up and running in no time.

Total Sync

Save time and breathe a sigh of relief.

Your email will be totally synced with TotalMail, meaning when you mark an email as read, add a folder, delete an email, or flag an email for follow up. It is done once and done across all devices.

If you happen to lose your computer, phone or tablet, getting back to work will be a breeze.

Android, Apple iOS, Macs, Windows – everything all in sync, all the time.

Total Spam Safe

TotalMail has sophisticated, enterprise-grade spam filters to ensure you don’t waste time or risk virus infections from spam*.

*Important: Nobody can guarantee a total spam-free systems. However, Total Mail is powered by Microsoft’s enterprise-class Microsoft 365 email systems which are relied upon by some of the largest and mission-critical companies in the world.

Total Backup

TotalMail Plus ensures your emails and data are safely backed up to a separate cloud multiple times a day.

Total Security

TotalMail Plus identifies and combats cyber threats, ensuring that if you become victim to viruses, ransomware or loss of important files, everything is fully protected and restored with minimal downtime.

Start your new email today.

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TotalMail Standard Plus

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TotalMail Premium Plus

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This meeting can be to discuss the specific requirements for your business. If you have fees from current providers, you are welcome to bring them in for an accurate audit.

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