3C Service Guarantee

Our 3C Service Guarantee gives you confidence when you need it.

You are now covered by the 3C Service Guarantee, designed to give you peace of mind while your computer system is being restored to its optimal health.

The 3C Service Guarantee


Repair Time Promise

Now that you have registered your service request with us, we’ll give you a guaranteed time of when your device will be on our repair bench to start diagnostics. If it is not on bench by this date then your service will be free*.

* subject to availability of parts required.


Resolution Promise

3C’s expert technicians will diagnose and resolve your system problems^ to certified standards.

We’re so confident we can fix your computer first time, that if it comes back to us within one week, this time we will resolve the issue for free.

^ if the issue is resolvable.


Price Promise

3C will diagnose your system and quote a guaranteed price to fix it. No surprises, no extras.


Communication Promise

We know your computer is important, so we’ll keep you updated on the status of your system repair, every step of the way.


Care Promise

We understand that your computer is essential to your business, your office, your studies and everyday life. So we take exceptional care with your data. As long as your data is in tact when we receive your system, we guarantee you won’t lose it#.

# excludes devices with disk errors


Confidentiality Promise

We take privacy seriously. The confidentiality of your data and photo files is important to us. Every technician signs a privacy contract so we can guarantee that your files will be kept confidential throughout the repair process.


Hardware Care Promise

We’ll look after your computer while it’s in our hands. We handle it with care, we clean it and we return it to you in the best possible condition.


After-service Promise

We guarantee never to forget about your computer. We will check-in with you to ensure everything is working OK.