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Delivering new life to the tech at Yambil Hub Griffith.

The "Yambil Hub" Griffith is home to Griffith Meals on Wheels, Hampers of Hope and Griffith Aged Care Services. We are thrilled to share the positive feedback Tennille Valensisi shared about her experience with 3C Tech Shop.

Our team takes immense pride in supporting local businesses and helping them grow by providing expert IT solutions.

Let’s delve into their experience and discover how 3C’s seamless solutions and unwavering support transformed their operations.


Delivering new life to the tech at Yambil Hub Griffith. -

Griffith Meals on Wheels (GMOW), Hampers of Hope (HOH) and Griffith Aged Care Services stand committed to their mission of serving the elderly, caregivers, and disadvantaged groups. Their dedication goes above and beyond, as they actively combat food waste while extending a compassionate hand to those in need.

Like any busy organisation, having compliant and reliable computers and systems is essential.

The whole team at 3C are fantastic to work with; Glen is very easy to deal with, and their service is smooth and fast.

I requested a quote and once approved, our new computers were setup within the week! Everything now runs efficiently for the whole team.

The dual-screen solution turned out to be an excellent suggestion, it helps me to save paper and increases my productivity!

Outdated Tech - Modern Demands

Senior Co-Ordinator (GMOW, HOH) Tennille and the team understood that they had to make the switch, and in August this year, Griffith Meals on Wheels, Hampers of Hope and Griffith Aged Care Serives underwent a technological facelift.

Their computers were at the end of life, and without an upgrade, they would no longer be able to update their operating systems or run programs compliant with new aged care reforms and other systems needed to secure Government funding.

The team set out to find the perfect solution that would not only meet their needs but also be cost-effective. This is where 3C Tech came in – a moment of pride as word-of-mouth recommendations from the local community highlighted our exceptional service.

From Tangles to Triumph

3C Tech Shop offered tailored recommendations with computers and services that align with funding regulations. With that, the outdated computers and the clutter of cords gave way to the elegance of modern all-in-one computers and 3CEO services, streamlining the workspace for greater productivity.

The dual screen solution was a new addition to Tennille’s workspace. She explained how it has significantly reduced her reliance on printing, as she can now access and view everything she requires.

Delivering new life to the tech at Yambil Hub Griffith. -
Delivering new life to the tech at Yambil Hub Griffith. -

We were excited to learn that 3C also offer NBN! We wanted to move away from the big Telco. 3C is actually cheaper for us and offers great, local customer service.

Saving Costs made easy with 3C NBN & 3C Phone

During the process, Tennille discovered 3C Tech Shop’s NBN and Phone services, leading to an instant transition. This technological facelift was complemented by in-depth support training, ensuring that the staff could navigate the new updates with ease.

But the journey doesn’t end there yet. 3C Tech Shop has exciting plans for the future, including the implementation of a new phone system.

This will enable seamless connectivity with the office phone number for the staff and volunteers, even while working off-site or remotely.

I wholeheartedly recommend 3C Tech Shop; it is great to have local business support from people that genuinely care

Delivering new life to the tech at Yambil Hub Griffith. -

At 3C Tech, we take great pride in providing innovative technological solutions for the “Yambil Hub organisations. Seeing the impact that our services have had is truly inspiring. We are honoured to be a part of this journey.

It is truly rewarding to see the positive results that technology can bring when implemented with care and consideration – we couldn’t be more proud.

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