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It's a Royal Flush for Bellato Plumbers with 3CEO! -
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It’s a Royal Flush for Bellato Plumbers with 3CEO!

We are excited to share the story of Bellato Plumbers and their experience working with us at 3C Tech Shop. Our team takes immense pride in supporting local businesses and helping them grow by providing expert IT solutions.

Let’s delve into their experience and discover how our seamless solutions and unwavering support helped to transform their operations.


It's a Royal Flush for Bellato Plumbers with 3CEO! -

Bellato Plumbers has earned a strong reputation for delivering quality workmanship and providing personalised customer service. Over the years, the company has experienced significant growth and now boasts a team of 15, including administration professionals.

With this growth the Bellato Plumbers team encountered tech-related challenges that hindered their efficiency and collaboration. Seeking a streamlined approach to their operations, Adam Bellato turned to 3C Tech Shop for help.

I was getting a lot of complaints. The computer either didn't do what it was supposed to or did things it shouldn't. I did not want to deal with the headaches anymore, so I said to 3C: just make it work!

Upgrading Technology for Enhanced Performance

In our first meeting, Adam highlighted the pressing issue of slow computer systems and phone-related problems that were significantly reducing the team’s productivity. In response, we conducted a thorough assessment of their needs and discovered that the office computers had varying ages.

Our proposal focused on a complete modernisation plan, incorporating upgrades for all computers and seamless integration of cloud software across all departments.

As a result, team communication improved, boosting overall productivity. Additionally, we upgraded their phone system, enhancing efficiency.

Optimising Job Management System for Smooth Operations

3C Tech Shop optimised Bellato Plumbers’ job management system by implementing a professional cloud system across all devices. 

This allowed easy access to vital information from any location. During the upgrade, we prioritised continuous business operations, setting up one computer at a time to minimise disruptions. 

Our team ensured smooth ongoing operations through personalised training on the software and remained readily available for on-site assistance whenever needed.

Personalised Tech Support

As a local tech company, we take great pride in offering face-to-face interactions, fostering genuine relationships, and enabling efficient communication with our clients. Adam acknowledged the immense benefits of this approach, especially for non-tech-savvy individuals.

You don't know how much your business relies on technology these days until it does not work properly. But I have enough on my plate without tech failing. So, this year we decided to bring everything up to speed.

With 3C's system upgrade and cloud integration, life got easier—faster and more efficient. Now, I can access information on the go. The remote solution is great.

Avoid Technology Headaches

3C Tech Shop successfully alleviated the headaches caused by IT-related stress with our personalised support. Our collaborative efforts resulted in enhanced business operations, seamless communication between departments and  improved happiness within the team.

It's a Royal Flush for Bellato Plumbers with 3CEO! -
It's a Royal Flush for Bellato Plumbers with 3CEO! -
It's a Royal Flush for Bellato Plumbers with 3CEO! -

As a non-techy person, I love 3C Tech Shop's personalised, all-in-one approach and real-life connection. I feel it sets them apart from others in the industry. We're a bit old-school like that!

3C has truly become an indispensable partner for our business, making my life significantly easier."

If you’re seeking a reliable and approachable IT support partner, look no further than 3C Tech Shop.  Contact us today to embark on your own path to IT support success.

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